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Why Us?
Tailor Made Solutions
Over the years, we have serviced clients from various industries such as marine, construction, food & beverage, education, retail, trading and etc. With our highly diversified portfolio, we understand that there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution for our clients. As such, we believe in providing solutions which are customised based on the needs of our clients. In doing so, we have been able to communicate the recommended solution to our clients in a clear and easy-to-understand manner, so that they can make an informed business decision.
Value-Add to Clients
Over the years, we have built long lasting relationships with many of our clients based on trust and consistent delivery of our services. If you engage our full suite of services, we will be able to understand your business environment and business model. In addition, we shall be kept up to date with changes made by the authority to compliance requirements which may impact your company. At SuccessIncorporation, we are a strong advocate of sound corporate governance and will endeavour to our best to ensure that your company stays compliant before and after incorporation.
Fast and Reliable
With close to 20 years of Singapore company incorporation experience, you can expect fast, responsive and shorter turn-around time when you engage us. While the corporate service provider industry faces a slew of challenges due to changes in government legislations, it remains our commitment to deliver our services to you while ensuring that you stay informed and compliant with up-to-date legislations.
No Hidden Costs / Competitive pricing
We believe in transparency in pricing of our services. Prior to engaging us, you will be informed clearly about our upfront fees as well as the recurring charges so that you can make a comparison with other service providers. Our rates are very competitive in the market for the level of service that we provide.
Easy Transition
If you already have a company and switch over to SuccessIncorporation Pte. Ltd., we welcome you to call or visit us for a non-obligation discussion. Once you agree, we will only require from you the contact information of your current service provider; we will perform all formalities on your behalf to complete the switch to SuccessIncorporation.
One Stop Corporate Services Provider
In addition to company incorporation service, we provide our clients accountancy, payroll, corporate/personal taxation and un-audited financial reporting services. Our teams of specialists are ready to serve you. Separately, we have associate partners providing audit, legal, immigrations services, virtual office services whom we can recommend to you based on your needs.
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